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How To Age Disgracefully

How To Age Disgracefully explains how aging does not have to mean giving up on adventure. In America, men and women participate in a mass hypnotic thought that in so many ways undermines their freedom and happiness: the notion that being a certain age determines how interesting, innovate, productive and desirable one is. Over time, certain beliefs have been adopted about how people should look or behave at certain ages, and how interesting or vital they can be.  This book encourages readers to be irreverent, dare to look foolish, find and honor the vamp in themselves.

There are also some key psychological concepts that are explained such as the importance of eliminating bitterness, resentment and regret. These things are the three killers of joy. Throughout the book, Inger stresses the importance of positive imagery and reducing negative imagery or worry.

"The age number need not limit your ideas or vision of what is possible. We are only as young as we believe!"

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